Microstrategy performs a full node of Bitcoin

Microstrategy is increasingly in love with Bitcoin so much so that for over a month is running a full node of the Bitcoin blockchain, specifically on Bitcoin Core version 0.20.1.

This was said by CEO Michael Saylor with a tweet in which he also wrote that:

„We’re excited to do our part to support the growth of the Bitcoin network.“

What role does Microstrategy play on the Bitcoin network?

But what exactly does that mean? The blockchain nodes serve as a point of communication. Computers that connect to the Bitcoin network can be considered nodes. It is up to them to transmit data and transaction information. The full nodes (or full nodes) are the nodes that provide security for Bitcoin and are very important for the entire network. They participate in the process of transaction and block verification by implementing the system’s consent rules.

In practice, Microstrategy has probably used computers to download a copy of the Bitcoin blockchain and act as a validator of blocks or transactions, effectively contributing to the security and efficiency of the network.

Michael Saylor and his fortune in Bitcoin

Microstrategy’s attraction for Bitcoin reflects that of its CEO. Michael Saylor apparently holds a real fortune in Bitcoin, which he himself quantified at 17,732 BTC bought at an average price of $9,800.

Translated, at the current price of about $13,000, they do something like $230 million in Bitcoin. In short, a treasure, although „less“ than that of Microstrategy that instead in August has acquired over 21,454 Bitcoin, adopting it as a primary reserve.

However, the CEO explains that he informed the Microstrategy team before the company decided to invest in Bitcoin. Therefore, the two investments are not related. Michael Saylor himself does not appear to be an early adopter of Bitcoin judging by the purchase price. Probably, like many lately, Michael Saylor is also taking note of Bitcoin as a value reserve. In a recent interview he said exactly this: moving away from bonds, the only investment instruments are gold or „big tech“.

But gold calls it an „old idea“ while Bitcoin praises its scarcity. While not pushing the price forecast, he said that in the next 10 years more and more people will discover Bitcoin. All statements that make him one of the Bitcoin enthusiasts.